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Seeking compensation following a car accident

In North Carolina, most residents rely on motor vehicles to get around. While these can be effective forms of transportation, vehicles are also the source of numerous automobile collisions each year. Although it seems like a routine activity, driving a vehicle requires constant attention and safe driving skills. If a motorist is distracted or driving recklessly, this could be the result of a severe crash.

The thing with car accidents is that they occur when you least expect them to. They also have the tendency to cause destruction, disrupting and altering the lives of accident victims. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, our experienced attorneys understand how overwhelming a car accident can be. Thus, we are dedicated to serving those in the Concord area, helping them understand their rights and recourses.

Penalties for possessing a precursor for a controlled substance

Facing a drug crime can be a very serious offense. While a minor possession charge might not carry with it harsh penalties, a person accused of manufacturing a controlled substance could endure long-term consequences and severe penalties. Thus, it is important to understand how one could face such a charge and what could result if a conviction occurs.

According to North Carolina law at section 90 to 95, it is not only unlawful to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance, but it is also unlawful to possess with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance. Additionally, it is unlawful to create, sell, deliver or posses with the intent to sell or deliver a counterfeit controlled substance. Anyone found to violate these laws with regards to a schedule I or II controlled substance could face a Class H or Class G felony. Unless a person was accused of packaging or repackaging methamphetamine, which is a Class H felony, a charge for manufacturing methamphetamine is a Class C felony.

What constitutes false imprisonment?

Being arrested is an overwhelming and unfortunate event to experience. While this may not result in formal charges being placed against an individual, it could result in serious criminal allegations. Thus, no matter the reason for law enforcement to restrain an individual and apprehend them, it is important that individuals understand their rights leading up to and during this situation. This could help establish if a lawful arrest is actually taking place or if their rights are, in fact, being violated.

What constitutes false imprisonment? This is defined as the unlawful restraint of an individual against their will by a person that does not have legal authority or justification to do so. For example, false imprisonment could occur when an individual, who is not a law enforcement officer, uses a gun to keep a person from moving or leaving a room. Such a situation could be during the commission of a bank robbery and the robber is seeking to keep all witnesses inside the building.

Traffic stop in Cherokee County results in drug charges

Being stopped by law enforcement is an overwhelming and frustrating experience for North Carolina motorists. While it might seem like an inconvenience, there is often a purpose for the traffic stop. However, it is important to note that not all stops are lawful. Additionally, even when a motorist stops for a traffic stop, law enforcement officers are required to follow strict protocols when it comes to their conduct with the motorist and evidence collection. This is true even when a driver fails to stop and attempts to flee police.

This is what recently occurred in Cherokee County when authorities in Murphy attempted to stop a vehicle. According to recent reports, a narcotic detective noted that a vehicle was being driven erratically. Because of their suspicions, they attempted to stop the vehicle. This resulted in the driver fleeing from the scene.

Helping you assert an aggressive defense against a drug charge

When individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere are accused of a crime, they are often overwhelmed by the situation, feeling helpless against the evidence the state has supposedly collected against them. With regard to drug crimes, even if a charge seems minor, it is likely that the penalties and consequences associated with it will impact the defendant's personal and professional life. Thus, it is imperative to take a stand, assert your right to a criminal defense and protect your rights.

There is a misconception that if a person is caught in possession of drugs, they are either using a controlled substance illegally or are attempting to sell it. However, these matters are not always straightforward, and there is a large grey area when it crimes to drug crimes and available defense options. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, our experienced legal team is dedicated to seeking justice and protecting the rights of our clients.

Can you lose your car due to drunk driving in North Carolina?

Drunk driving can bring a host of serious legal problems for North Carolina drivers. If you are facing criminal charges related to driving while intoxicated, you know that you could be dealing with various penalties and consequences that may impact many areas of your life. However, you may not be aware of the fact that in some circumstances, drunk driving could lead to forfeiture of your personal vehicle. 

The potential confiscation of your vehicle is a threat to your personal freedoms and your ability to drive to work, school and other important places. You may find it beneficial to know exactly what you are up against with DWI charges, the various potential consequences and how you can fight back.

Facing marijuana drug charges?

Marijuana is one type of drug that North Carolina is working to decriminalize. This does not mean that, if you were recently arrested -- or are in the near future -- for marijuana possession, sales or trafficking that you will not face drug charges or penalties -- if convicted. As the current laws stand, the consequences for certain marijuana-related drug crimes can still have quite an impact on your life.

The state seems to take it fairly easy in minor possession cases. The consequence if convicted is generally a nominal fine. Where the state really gets tough is on the sale or trafficking of the drug. Current laws call for incarceration and hefty fines for those found possessing 10 or more pounds of marijuana.

Facing drug charges? We can help

No matter the severity of the charge, facing a criminal charge is a serious situation. With regard to drug crimes, an accused offender could face serious penalties, especially if they are charged with a felony. And, while it might appear like authorities have a strong case against you based on the evidence that they collected, this does not mean defendants cannot assert a strong defense. It is possible to poke holes in the state's case, providing defendants with the opportunity to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers understand that facing drug charges is a difficult predicament to be in. Nonetheless, we understand the valuable role a criminal defense can play; thus, we are dedicated to serving accused offenders in the Concord area initiate an aggressive defense action.

Don't wait too long to file that car accident lawsuit

Being involved in a car crash can be a horrible experience. Sometimes, a car accident is relatively minor, consisting mostly of property damage and minor bumps and bruises. However, other car accidents are much more devastating. A person could be in critical condition following a car accident. Moreover, even after a car accident victim leaves the hospital, they could be facing months of rehabilitation before their health is back to normal, if it ever reaches that state at all. In addition, some injuries do not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the initial accident occurs.

With all this in mind, it is understandable that a victim's first priority is regaining their health. However, it won't be too long before the medical bills start piling up. In addition, a car accident victim may be unable to work for a long time, resulting in lost wages. And, the car accident may have caused the victim pain and suffering.

Singer Aaron Carter accused of driving while intoxicated

Even famous people can run into trouble with the law. Take the case of music star, Aaron Carter. The singer was recently arrested for DUI refusal and is facing other criminal charges, including possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

However, Carter states he was not drunk or high when he was arrested. Carter explained that he and his girlfriend were at a North Carolina club the previous day. After that appearance, they decided to purchase an automobile to drive to his next appearance, as he has a fear of flying.

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