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Plan a sober ride home to avoid severe DWI consequences

Going out to a bar and having a drink can be a relaxing treat on the weekend or after a stressful day at work. However, sometimes one drink leads to more, and an entertaining night out can be swiftly ruined by drunk driving. Those caught driving drunk in North Carolina face some of the toughest drunk driving penalties in the country.

Consequences for drunk driving

Pulling over and the risk of an accident

Drivers pull off of the road for all sorts of reasons, from law enforcement officials turning on their lights to see if someone is drunk to vehicle problems and even getting out of the car to go to the bathroom. Regardless of the reason why a driver pulls over, this can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Even if someone pulls over appropriately, they may run the risk of being struck by a vehicle that is traveling at high speeds, which can be deadly. As a result, if you ever need to pull off of the road for some reason, it is pivotal to do so correctly.

Sometimes, people come to a stop on the side of the road and do not leave enough room. This can be extremely dangerous, especially during the night or when visibility is poor since other drivers may be unable to see the car. It can also be dangerous to pull off of the road in areas where there is little room or around a sharp turn, since a vehicle may be going around the turn and the driver may not see that a car is pulled over until it is too late.

Vaping, young drivers and car wrecks

Young drivers may find themselves in a motor vehicle wreck for different reasons. Aside from the negligence and recklessness of other drivers, they may crash as a result of their inexperience, because of peer pressure that prompted them to get behind the wheel drunk or because they were using their phone while driving. These are just some of the risks that young drivers face, but there are far more to consider. For example, some young people like to vape, a habit that has become increasingly popular recently. Vaping can lead to a collision for multiple reasons and it is essential for young drivers to avoid any habits or behaviors that could lead to a collision.

Using a vape pen while driving could result in a motor vehicle accident purely because the device is a distraction. For example, a driver may take their hands off of the wheel to use, grab or attend to their vape pen. Aside from being a potential distraction, vaping can also lead to dizziness and intoxication. Some people vape with liquids that do not contain any addictive or intoxicating substance, while others may vape in order to get a nicotine fix or consume marijuana.

Driving with extreme pain and the risk of a crash

It is important for all drivers to be aware of the different factors that could result in a crash, including those which may be less common. For example, if a driver’s mental or physical well-being is disrupted for any reason, this could make an auto accident more likely. Someone who is experiencing a significant amount of pain may cause a motor vehicle crash for a number of reasons, so it is vital to be cautious or stay off of the road altogether if you are ever in this position.

Whether a driver is stung by a bee or driving to the emergency room after a serious injury occurred, drivers may experience a great deal of pain for various reasons. Unfortunately, this can interfere with their ability to drive in numerous ways. For one, pain can be mentally distracting, taking a driver’s attention and eyes off of the road. Pain can also cause a driver to take their hands off the wheel as they reach for a bag of ice or attend to an ailment that has been causing pain. For example, a driver may reach for over-the-counter pain medication while driving, or they could even take prescription medication which could lead to drowsy driving.

Sleep deprivation and motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a very rewarding experience and many people enjoy taking their motorcycle out throughout the year. Motorcycles can offer a sense of freedom and an experience like nothing else, but they are also dangerous. Furthermore, there are certain times when it may be especially risky to operate a motorcycle, such as when one is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted or deprived of sleep. In this post, we will look at sleep deprivation and motorcycle collisions.

Motorcyclists, as with everyone else on the road, can become sleep deprived for a variety of reasons. A motorcyclist may miss out on sleep because they have been working too much, or they may be struggling with a sleep disorder or have stayed up late the night before. Regardless of the reasons why motorcyclists can become fatigued, it is crucial to recognize that operating a motorcycle in this state can be incredibly risky.

How should I prepare for a long drive?

Many people in North Carolina will be driving long distances over the holidays to visit friends and family. While road trips can be fun, you want to make sure you and your passengers remain secure during the jaunt. In this case, AAA offers the following tips.

Plan ahead

How reliable are field sobriety tests?

Getting pulled over by a police officer after a night out is a nerve-racking experience. Following a brief questioning, the officer will ask you to complete a few tests if they suspect intoxication. You may wonder whether you should consent to the tests and if it will be used against you.

Sobriety tests typically begin with field sobriety tests, conducted roadside. Following these results, further tests could follow, including a Breathalyzer test. While you do have the right to refuse such tests, doing so may be consequential.

Reviewing financial challenges that can arise after a crash

Car accident victims may face a number of immediate hardships after a collision, whether they have a broken leg, a severe laceration or a totaled car. These can be extremely serious consequences that require immediate attention, but there are other challenges that often arise in the wake of a collision, such as financial problems. Car accident victims may go through a number of different financial difficulties after a wreck turns their lives upside down, and we will take a closer look at this aspect of motor vehicle wrecks in this blog post.

Hospital expenses can be extremely overwhelming, even getting to the hospital in an ambulance can be incredibly costly. As if medical bills and related costs (such as therapy) do not make life hard enough, other financial problems are not uncommon in the weeks, months and even years after a wreck. For example, a victim may not have the ability to perform their job any longer. Not only could they miss out on wages they need temporarily, but some are injured to the extent that they can never return to work or have to settle for a lower-paying career field.

Helping your teen deal with a DWI

There are all many challenges you may have to face as the parent of a teen, from social issues involving your child to school performance. Sometimes, being a parent can be especially tough and you may be particularly worried about your child's future. For example, your child may have been pulled over and charged with driving drunk. You could have all sorts of questions and these charges may have caught you completely off-guard. However, it is pivotal to explore your options and do your best to help your child work through this tough time. After all, their future may be at stake.

It is important to note that many teens have found themselves in this difficult position because of zero tolerance laws that prohibit someone under the age of 21 from driving with any amount of alcohol in their system. As a result, many young drivers have been hit with DWI charges even though they were not drunk. From college to applying for certain jobs, these charges could haunt your child for years to come and you should carefully go over their legal options with them. The way in which this case is approached could have a major impact on the end result and, ultimately, the consequences your child faces.

Insomnia and driver fatigue

Driving can be especially dangerous while very tired and too many people push themselves to drive when they should be getting sleep. From work responsibilities to someone who drove long distances for a road trip or special event, many different things can factor into driver fatigue. However, there is no excuse for drowsy driving when it puts the lives of innocent people at risk. If you were hit by a drowsy driver, this aspect of the crash should not be overlooked, and you may want to move forward with a lawsuit.

When someone drives while they are extremely tired, they might struggle to respond to threats on the road. For example, if a deer darts across the road or another car crosses over the center line into their lane, they may have a harder time avoiding these hazards. Drowsy drivers may even fall asleep while they are operating a vehicle, which can be very dangerous. Even dozing off for a matter of seconds could result in a fatal accident.

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