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Crime on the rise again in North Carolina city

North Carolina has struggled to get a hold on criminal activities over the years, but a recent report shows at least one city was experiencing an all-time low. Roughly two hours’ drive from Concord is the city of Durham. According to ABC News, the police chief in the area reported a four-year low in the crime rate for 2018, which dropped by 13%.

However, a closer look at the numbers still showed some cause for concern. The good news is that homeowners can breathe easy as burglary is at a 20-year low with a total of 2,226 home invasions. In contrast, car theft is experiencing a ten-year high with 801 vehicles stolen. Homicides also increased by 52%, but police officers were able to solve 75% of these crimes.

When involuntary manslaughter tears families apart

According to FindLaw, drunk drivers may be charged with involuntary manslaughter if the crash is fatal. However, this has become such a problem in North Carolina that there is a separate charge for these offenses, known as vehicular manslaughter.

There is usually strong public opinion against people who commit vehicular manslaughter, but there are some instances where drunk driving or reckless driving were not involved. There have, for instance, been countless cases of grandparents accidentally backing over toddlers or an overworked employee falling asleep at the wheel on the way home and running a red light.

Why are opiates so addictive?

Drug addictions ruin health, destroy families, and cause serious legal repercussions. This is especially true when it comes to opiates, which are highly addictive even after short-term use. Understanding the nature of addiction is crucial, both for family members as well as the person with the drug problem. The Mayo Clinic explains how opiate addiction works and what risk factors are involved. 

While anyone can get addicted to opiates, there are certain risk factors that make it more likely. The longer you take a drug, the more likely it is you'll become addicted. This is a real issue for people with chronic pain, who are often given prescriptions to control discomfort over an extended period of time. There are many other factors that play a role in whether you'll misuse opiates. People who are currently unemployed are more likely to have issues, as are those with a long history of substance abuse. People with anxiety or depression, those who engage risky behaviors, and people who are under a great deal of stress are also more likely to develop addictions. 

Can inconsistent workplace standards contribute to larceny?

According to, in order to combat larceny, companies employ zero tolerance policies that forbid workers from taking from the company inventory. Such rules can be effective, but only if they are enforced regularly. Problems may arise if members of high ranking management decide to bend regulations and help themselves to some of the inventory for personal use. This kind of inconsistent application of the rules could cause the very larceny that a North Carolina employer wishes to avoid.

To take one example, if a worker that is lower on the company ladder observes a manager making off with tech from the inventory even though company rules forbid it, the worker may feel resentful and motivated to commit larceny since the manager apparently does not care about the rules. A sense that there are two sets of rules for two groups of employees can lead the aggrieved workers to simply not care about following or enforcing the zero tolerance requirements.

Questioning breath alcohol test accuracy

As North Carolina days get longer and the weather gets warmer backyard barbeques, picnics at the lake and tailgating at the Speedway become favorite activities. Alcoholic beverages are often present at these events, which makes getting behind the wheel a dangerous proposition. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, we have experience defending clients charged with driving while intoxicated.

If an officer pulls you over because they suspect you of operating under the influence, they may ask you to take a breath alcohol test. According to Proctor Cars, a breathalyzer uses a sample of an individual’s breath to estimate the person’s blood alcohol concentration. 

Finding a new career after a car crash

When people think about the different hardships that auto accident victims may have to work through, they often picture serious injuries, mental trauma and financial problems. Unfortunately, all of these issues can be present for someone who needs to find a new career because they cannot work any longer as a result of injuries sustained in a collision. If you are seeking a new line of work because of injuries you sustained in a wreck, it is essential to realize all of your options.

For some people, such as those whose job duties are centered around computer work, finding a new career may not be necessary after a difficult crash. Others, such as those who need to drive a vehicle or work on a construction site, may be completely unable to continue performing their job responsibilities. Unfortunately, recovering from an accident can be difficult to begin with, and those who need to find a new position, or a new field altogether, may have an especially hard time recovering from the wreck.

Can my child get into grad school after a felony conviction?

If you or your child has been convicted of a felony, you may believe it is the death knell to future education. While it certainly may be an impediment, it is not necessarily the end.

The simple answer is this: Most college applications do not ask about criminal history, and few conduct background checks. Those that do ask about criminal history are looking for drug or sexual assault felonies that can affect your ability to get scholarships and financial aid.

Life consequences of a DWI

If you receive a DWI in North Carolina, there are numerous penalties, such as fines, license suspension and possible jail time, that have a direct effect on your life and finances. However, the consequences of driving while intoxicated reach beyond the legal penalties. You can feel the effects from a DWI for years after conviction, which is why you need proper legal counsel to help you navigate the process.

In general, getting a DWI is expensive. Along with the court-associated fees and fines, Very Well Mind discusses some of the other financial consequences. Part of the court's decision often includes a series of alcohol classes, and there is an attendance fee each time. Some judges may also order an alcohol evaluation which could lead to entrance into an expensive drug treatment program before you can drive again.

What are larceny charges?

If you are like many North Carolina residents, you have heard the term larceny but you are not entirely clear on what it means. Understanding the different types and how to defend against them is critical if you find yourself so charged. Larceny requires specific intent, and this element is what differentiates it from common theft.

According to Findlaw, larceny incorporates several elements:

  • The unlawful taking of personal or physical property
  • The property belongs to someone else
  • The owner did not give consent
  • The intent is to deprive the owner of the property permanently

Why is wearing your seat belt important?

Sometimes, you may be distracted when you get into your vehicle. Thoughts about where you are going, especially if you are driving a new route, the time constraints you may have and a host of other thoughts may prevent you from remembering to fasten your seatbelt. However, making it a priority to buckle up as soon as you start your vehicle can protect you from being critically hurt if you are involved in a car accident in North Carolina. 

According to, a seat belt has the unique power to disperse the force of a collision if you crash. By preventing excessive force to your body, you may be able to escape an otherwise serious injury if you are involved in an accident. A seat belt can also protect areas of your body such as your spinal cord and brain by restraining your body when your seat belt locks in place when it detects tension. By restraining the strongest parts of your body, the force of your body is maintained when it may otherwise be launched because of the sheer force of hitting another vehicle or object. 

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