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Poison ivy, bug bites and car crashes

Common auto accident risk factors include poor road conditions, the use of alcohol behind the wheel and recklessly driving over the speed limit. While it is important for drivers to be aware of these concerns whenever they are on the road, there are other less common problems that can increase the chances of a wreck. For example, someone who has a rash due to exposure to poison ivy or is struggling with bug bites may be more likely to crash into another vehicle.

There are different reasons why a driver who is struggling with bug bites or poison ivy may have a higher chance of causing an accident. For starters, intense itching may take their focus away from the road. They may be too caught up with scratching and they may be extremely comfortable, which could also have a negative impact on their mental focus. Moreover, some may take their hands off the wheel in order to apply cream or deal with their rash.

Riding a scooter while intoxicated

When it comes to driving under the influence, every single case is unique in a number of ways. For example, some drivers may have multiple offenses on their record, while others may have gotten behind the wheel drunk for the first time in their life. Some people may be well over the legal limit and severely impaired, while others may barely fail a breathalyzer test. Moreover, people operate different types of vehicles while drunk, such as cars, trucks and even scooters.

Some people may think that the consequences for riding a scooter while over the legal limit will be less severe. However, those who are pulled over for operating a scooter while under the influence of alcohol may face the same consequences as the drivers of other types of vehicles. You could lose your driving privileges or be sentenced to prison and required to pay steep fines. Moreover, you could face damage to your reputation and problems in your career.

Distracted driving and motorcycle crashes

Sometimes, when people envision distracted driving they may think of someone who is driving a passenger vehicle or a truck. After all, motorcyclists may not have access to some of the sources of distraction that the drivers of other vehicles do. Moreover, it can be more difficult for a motorcyclist to use his or her phone while on the road, for example. However, there are still a number of distractions that can take a motorcyclist’s attention from the road and increase the probability of an accident.

A motorcyclist may become distracted while trying to communicate with another motorcyclist who is riding with them, alongside them or behind them. Moreover, listening to music and adjusting the volume can be distracting and some motorcyclists may get distracted while trying to eat or perform some other activity. A motorcyclist who is on a road trip may be distracted by a popular tourist attraction or scenic site and there are all sorts of other ways in which motorcyclists lose their ability to focus on the road.

Bystanders can be guilty of more than drug crimes

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost everyone who starts doing drugs does so because a friend or family member introduces it to them. Drug use, abuse and addiction remain a part of our society’s interwoven personal relationships. We all “know a guy who knows a guy” who has access to drugs, but how do these relationships affect the justice process?

In North Carolina, it is illegal for a person to sell, deliver or possess a controlled substance. Authorities are making more of an effort to punish users, friends and dealers alike to combat the growing opioid crisis. This means if you are arrested for drug use, authorities could investigate how you obtained the drugs and go after the people who provided them.

DWI charges after a family get-together

When someone is pulled over and found to be over the legal limit, their life may unravel in various ways. These charges can bring an incredible amount of stress and the consequences can be severe, from time behind bars to fines and the loss of driving privileges. There are all sorts of reasons why people find themselves in this position, whether they are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or they made a poor decision during a very difficult time in life (such as losing a job). Moreover, someone may drive drunk after attending a family get-together, accidentally in some instances.

During the summertime, many families meet up and celebrate. From the Fourth of July to Labor Day and all sorts of other reasons for celebration (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), the summer is often a great time of year to visit with friends and loved ones. However, these celebrations often involve alcohol and some people may get behind the wheel after drinking at a party. Some may not even be aware that their blood alcohol content level exceeded the legal limit, whether they forgot about a drink they had or they did not know how much alcohol was in a mixed beverage.

A look into false domestic violence accusations

Those who are charged with domestic violence may find their lives shattered in many ways. They could be depressed by a less favorable outcome following a dispute over child custody, face problems while trying to find a job in the future or find that some of their friends and family members do not want to associate with them anymore because of the harsh stigma that is associated with these allegations. Sadly, many lives have been shattered as a result of these false claims and in this post we will take a closer look at false domestic violence accusations.

There are all sorts of reasons why someone falsely accuses another of domestic violence. Whether a couple was dating for years, engaged or married, someone may decide to accuse their former partner of domestic violence because they are upset that they decided to end the relationship or are bitter about some unrelated issue, such as infidelity. Child custody is another reason why some people accuse the other parent of their child of abuse, whether they want to become the child's favorite parent or they want to have an advantage in court during a custody hearing.

Reviewing some of the reasons why drivers speed

There are all sorts of risky behaviors drivers exhibit behind the wheel, but some, such as going over the speed limit, are especially dangerous. It is important to understand the many reasons why drivers speed and make sure that you stay within the speed limit if you ever find yourself in one of these situations. Sadly, many drivers show no regard for speed limits and put innocent lives in danger.

Many people have driven faster than they should have because they are running late for work or need to make it to an appointment on time. Drivers may worry about the consequences of showing up late, but it is crucial to stay within the speed limit. After all, speeding can bring many consequences as well, from costly tickets to lawsuits, serious injuries and the loss of life.

A closer look at delivery truck accidents

From motorcycle crashes to single-vehicle accidents, there are many different types of traffic wrecks and each is unique. However, some people face an especially high risk of being involved in an accident, whether they are struck by a negligent driver or are responsible for the crash themselves. Delivery truck drivers face a number of dangers on the road and can also pose a risk to other drivers after a long day, which underlines the importance of taking a closer look at these crashes.

Sometimes, delivery truck drivers are very fatigued due to working for a long period of time. Drowsy driving is very concerning and has caused many truck crashes. Not only do some delivery truck drivers have to drive for many hours, but they may have to lift heavy objects throughout the day as well. Moreover, delivery trucks can be difficult to manage, especially when someone has to drive a truck in a tight space to deliver a package. These are just some of the reasons why delivery truck drivers may find themselves in a wreck.

What are some risk factors teen drivers should recognize?

There are all sorts of reasons why motor vehicle wrecks happen, whether they involve teen drivers or drivers of any age. However, for young drivers there are certain risks that may be more likely to cause a collision. If you are a young person who drives or the parent of a teen who drives or rides in vehicles with other teenagers, it is important to recognize some of these factors and do all you can to prevent a collision. Sadly, many young lives have been lost due to these accidents and some of those who have survived collisions have suffered debilitating injuries.

According to data presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a number of auto accident risk factors for teen drivers. The CDC points out that teens are especially likely to avoid wearing a seat belt, leave enough distance between vehicles, go over the speed limit and identify hazards on the road. The CDC also notes that alcohol use is especially concerning when it comes to young drivers and that the risk of an accident is especially high during the weekend.

How can a felony affect a student’s education?

North Carolina, like many states, identifies criminal offenses as either a misdemeanor or a felony. While misdemeanors are viewed as less serious than a felony, both convictions can be followed by a prison sentence or fines. For college students, especially those applying for grad school, jail time or other consequences can sharply cut into their education. Felony convictions not only hold the consequence of fines and jail time, but young adults may face another dilemma: A screeching halt to a student’s college career and beyond.

Consequences of felony convictions

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