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How should I prepare for a long drive?

Many people in North Carolina will be driving long distances over the holidays to visit friends and family. While road trips can be fun, you want to make sure you and your passengers remain secure during the jaunt. In this case, AAA offers the following tips.

Plan ahead

How reliable are field sobriety tests?

Getting pulled over by a police officer after a night out is a nerve-racking experience. Following a brief questioning, the officer will ask you to complete a few tests if they suspect intoxication. You may wonder whether you should consent to the tests and if it will be used against you.

Sobriety tests typically begin with field sobriety tests, conducted roadside. Following these results, further tests could follow, including a Breathalyzer test. While you do have the right to refuse such tests, doing so may be consequential.

Reviewing financial challenges that can arise after a crash

Car accident victims may face a number of immediate hardships after a collision, whether they have a broken leg, a severe laceration or a totaled car. These can be extremely serious consequences that require immediate attention, but there are other challenges that often arise in the wake of a collision, such as financial problems. Car accident victims may go through a number of different financial difficulties after a wreck turns their lives upside down, and we will take a closer look at this aspect of motor vehicle wrecks in this blog post.

Hospital expenses can be extremely overwhelming, even getting to the hospital in an ambulance can be incredibly costly. As if medical bills and related costs (such as therapy) do not make life hard enough, other financial problems are not uncommon in the weeks, months and even years after a wreck. For example, a victim may not have the ability to perform their job any longer. Not only could they miss out on wages they need temporarily, but some are injured to the extent that they can never return to work or have to settle for a lower-paying career field.

Helping your teen deal with a DWI

There are all many challenges you may have to face as the parent of a teen, from social issues involving your child to school performance. Sometimes, being a parent can be especially tough and you may be particularly worried about your child's future. For example, your child may have been pulled over and charged with driving drunk. You could have all sorts of questions and these charges may have caught you completely off-guard. However, it is pivotal to explore your options and do your best to help your child work through this tough time. After all, their future may be at stake.

It is important to note that many teens have found themselves in this difficult position because of zero tolerance laws that prohibit someone under the age of 21 from driving with any amount of alcohol in their system. As a result, many young drivers have been hit with DWI charges even though they were not drunk. From college to applying for certain jobs, these charges could haunt your child for years to come and you should carefully go over their legal options with them. The way in which this case is approached could have a major impact on the end result and, ultimately, the consequences your child faces.

Insomnia and driver fatigue

Driving can be especially dangerous while very tired and too many people push themselves to drive when they should be getting sleep. From work responsibilities to someone who drove long distances for a road trip or special event, many different things can factor into driver fatigue. However, there is no excuse for drowsy driving when it puts the lives of innocent people at risk. If you were hit by a drowsy driver, this aspect of the crash should not be overlooked, and you may want to move forward with a lawsuit.

When someone drives while they are extremely tired, they might struggle to respond to threats on the road. For example, if a deer darts across the road or another car crosses over the center line into their lane, they may have a harder time avoiding these hazards. Drowsy drivers may even fall asleep while they are operating a vehicle, which can be very dangerous. Even dozing off for a matter of seconds could result in a fatal accident.

The impact of a felony on education

A felony charge can significantly affect you and your family's lives. Even as a former felon, your charge could have unexpected consequences in the future of your education.

Your criminal history does not have to decide your future. It is possible to improve your life after a felony charge through an education program such as a college education or career training. However, these programs are highly competitive, and you may worry about your felony charge affecting your chances to get in.

What are elements of a first- or second-degree murder charge?

When the state charges you with a crime, you have to be aware of the elements it must prove to get a guilty verdict. Every crime has specific elements the prosecutor must show are true for you to be guilty under the law. When it comes to first- and second-degree murder, there are three basic elements, according to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

To begin with, the state must show you killed another living human being. This is a pretty simple element. However, it gets more complex from here.

3 winter safe-driving tips

With winter officially here, drivers in North Carolina are sure to find themselves on icy and snow-covered roads. In this case, proper driving is crucial, both to prevent serious injury as well as to avoid costly damage and repairs. The following tips can help you maintain safety all throughout the winter months, which will benefit both you and other motorists.

Pack an emergency kit

What should I know about drug addiction treatment?

If you’ve recently been charged with a drug offense in Concord, NC, you may be thinking of getting drug addiction treatment in the wake of your arrest. Because recoveries are often complex, it’s important that you select the best treatment option for your individual needs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers the following information in this case.

Are there different types of treatment?

The elements of larceny

The term "larceny" sometimes confuses North Carolinians, and that is in part because the term itself is subject to redefinition. Essentially, larceny refers to theft, and the courts used to draw distinctions between grand larceny and petty larceny based on the value of the stolen property. However, North Carolina law has since abolished the distinctions between petty and grand larceny, and all larceny offenses are Class H felonies unless otherwise provided by statute.

While most theft-related crimes fall under the category of larceny in North Carolina, according to FindLaw larceny refers to taking someone else's property without consent for an unlawful purpose without the use of force but with the intent of permanently depriving the owner of his or her property.

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