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July 2017 Archives

Singer Aaron Carter accused of driving while intoxicated

Even famous people can run into trouble with the law. Take the case of music star, Aaron Carter. The singer was recently arrested for DUI refusal and is facing other criminal charges, including possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Defining and recognizing excessive force and police brutality

Police officers have the duty and requirement to be fair and treat everyone equally. Sadly, not everyone employed in law enforcement in North Carolina adheres to these duties, and mistreatment and violation of personal rights occurs more often than you may think. Victims of various types of police brutality and excessive force have the right to speak up and seek appropriate compensation.

North Carolina takes a strict stance when it comes to cocaine

People in North Carolina might associate cocaine use with wealthy people in the 1980s, and some movies and television shows have glamorized the use of the drug. However, the fact is that North Carolina has stringent laws against the possession, manufacturing and selling of cocaine in the state.

North Carolina resident killed in accident on U.S. 21

It doesn't always matter if you follow the rules of the road, drive defensively and always wear your seat belt. Car accidents can happen to anyone in North Carolina. After all, it is impossible to predict the actions of every other driver on the road, and should a driver fail to fulfill their duty of care while behind the wheel, it could lead to injuries or even deaths.

What is North Carolina's 'implied consent' law?

It's a sight and sound no motorist in North Carolina wants to experience -- the flashing red and blue lights in their rear-view mirror and the blare of police sirens in their ear. An officer who pulls a motorist over on suspicion of drunk driving may ask the motorist to perform a breath test. This can be a difficult situation. A person may want to refuse to submit to such a test; for example, if they are certain they are not drunk or if they don't want to make a bad situation worse. However, there are legal consequences for refusing to submit to a breath test.

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