It doesn’t always matter if you follow the rules of the road, drive defensively and always wear your seat belt. Car accidents can happen to anyone in North Carolina. After all, it is impossible to predict the actions of every other driver on the road, and should a driver fail to fulfill their duty of care while behind the wheel, it could lead to injuries or even deaths.

A North Carolina motorist was injured and a passenger in his vehicle was killed in an accident in South Carolina. The North Carolina motorist, age 84, was driving north on U.S. 21 when a collision occurred between his vehicle and a truck that was attempting to execute a turn.

The 83-year-old passenger in the first vehicle was killed, while the driver was injured and sent to an area medical center. It has not been reported whether the truck driver, age 33, was injured. The accident is still under investigation by officials.

Sadly, one person involved in this accident lost his life, and another was injured. While it remains to be seen how fault will be apportioned in this accident, there are numerous ways a motorist could be negligent. Some examples of negligent behaviors include failing to yield, speeding, running red lights or stop signs, drunk driving, driver fatigue and more. If a person in North Carolina has been injured in a car accident, they may want to speak to a personal injury attorney to determine if negligence was an issue in their case. If it is, it may form the basis of any legal action the victim takes against the at-fault party.

Source: The Herald, “One from North Carolina dead in York County crash near Rock Hill,” Andrew Dys, June 26, 2017