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North Carolina man facing drug crimes flees from court

When individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere are accused of a crime, many things rush through their mind. He or she may not be fully aware of their situation and what penalties it poses on their life. Regardless of the severity of the crime, the fact of the matter is that the accused must go through the criminal process to determine if he or she is convicted of the crime or not. Failure to go through this process could result in even harsher penalties.

Certain factors could lead to aggravated DWI charges

When an officer stops your vehicle, you may feel a sudden rush of adrenaline and wonder what may have raised suspicions. You may also worry that the alcohol you consumed earlier may affect the manner in which the officer carries out the traffic stop. Even if you feel fine and do not believe that your abilities have been impaired, an officer may view the situation differently.

Seeking compensation following a car accident

In North Carolina, most residents rely on motor vehicles to get around. While these can be effective forms of transportation, vehicles are also the source of numerous automobile collisions each year. Although it seems like a routine activity, driving a vehicle requires constant attention and safe driving skills. If a motorist is distracted or driving recklessly, this could be the result of a severe crash.

Penalties for possessing a precursor for a controlled substance

Facing a drug crime can be a very serious offense. While a minor possession charge might not carry with it harsh penalties, a person accused of manufacturing a controlled substance could endure long-term consequences and severe penalties. Thus, it is important to understand how one could face such a charge and what could result if a conviction occurs.

What constitutes false imprisonment?

Being arrested is an overwhelming and unfortunate event to experience. While this may not result in formal charges being placed against an individual, it could result in serious criminal allegations. Thus, no matter the reason for law enforcement to restrain an individual and apprehend them, it is important that individuals understand their rights leading up to and during this situation. This could help establish if a lawful arrest is actually taking place or if their rights are, in fact, being violated.

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