When individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere are accused of a crime, many things rush through their mind. He or she may not be fully aware of their situation and what penalties it poses on their life. Regardless of the severity of the crime, the fact of the matter is that the accused must go through the criminal process to determine if he or she is convicted of the crime or not. Failure to go through this process could result in even harsher penalties.

This is what recently occurred when a North Carolina man accused of a drug crime apparently fled from his trial. Authorities claim that he was found wearing a wig as an attempt to disguise himself. Based on preliminary reports, the 44-year-old man was found guilty of several drug charges related to methamphetamine. An undercover investigation of him led to additional charges related to their discovery of heroine, suboxone, firearms and a bulletproof vest in his possession.

The defendant attempted to dismiss the charges without the help of legal counsel. And after his attempts failed, he supposedly decided to not show up in court the next day, which is when testimony was expected to begin. Police found him a few days later getting into the vehicle. Authorities pulled over the vehicle, discovering that the defendant was in the vehicle wearing a disguise.

It is not clear if additional charges were placed on the defendant because he did not show up in court; however, it was reported that he was charged with a $10,000 fine. The man faces a 54 to 102 month sentence for the crimes he was charged with.

Those accused of a crime, such as a drug charge, should understand their predicament and what actions could impact it. Failing to take proper steps in a defense could be detrimental. Because of that, it is important to obtain legal guidance when necessary.

Source: Wncn.com, “NC man who fled drug trial is caught wearing a wig 2 weeks later, police say,” Sept. 25, 2017