When we get behind the wheel of the car, we are under the impression that we are able to operate it safely. However, if law enforcement believes that we are not driving safely or violating a traffic law, this could result in a traffic stop. If during the stop officers suspect that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, the field sobriety test might commence. The same is true following a car accident. If there is a suspicion of intoxication, police officers will attempt to collect evidence to prove you are over the legal limit. Either of these scenarios could result in a drunk driving charge.

According to reports, authorities in Raleigh arrested a 27-year-old man following a supposed hit-and-run accident. Preliminary reports claim that the accident occurred when the suspect hit a man, running over him, at an intersection. North Carolina police stated that the driver then sped away from the scene of the accident.

Police responded to the crash and were able to apprehend the suspect after eyewitnesses cornered his vehicle. The pedestrian struck in the crash suffered serious injuries but is expected to live. The driver currently faces multiple charges. This includes a felony hit-and-run and drunk driving charge.

Facing criminal charges such as a DUI can be serious. When these charges stem from a motor vehicle accident, the penalties can become very severe. Therefore, it is essential to understand what defense options are available. Whether you challenge the evidence or claim an illegal arrest or protocol not being followed, defendant should be aware how taking action could help them reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Source: wncn.com, “Raleigh man thanks Good Samaritans who tracked driver who hit him,” David Hurst, Oct. 10, 2017