Let’s face it. During the winter holidays we are more compelled to go to gatherings and celebrations where alcohol is served. And in order to get to and from these events, individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere will driver their vehicles. While this is fine for those consuming no alcohol or just a small quantity, it is extremely dangerous for those driving over the legal limit. This not only places their life and the lives of others at risk, but it also increases a driver’s chance of getting pulled over for drunk driving.

There are many ways for law enforcement to spot a drunk driver and pull them over. Typically, this includes witnessing a driver violate a traffic law or stopping a driver at a checkpoint. This holiday season might be a little different in North Carolina, though. Reports suggest that police plan on waiting for drivers in parking lots.

By spotting drunk individuals getting into their vehicles with keys in hand, police are able to quickly pull them aside and determine if they are too intoxicated to drive. This also gives them a chance to find a different way home. While this is an attempt to stop drunk driving and avoid car crashes this holiday, it could also result in drivers facing DUI charges if they decide to get behind the wheel.

No matter what process an officer uses to stop a driver or what evidence is used to apprehend a suspected driver, it is important that those accused of drunk driving understand their rights. This means knowing that police must follow protocol. Failing to do so could result in an illegal stop or illegal search and seizure. Ultimately, this could result in the charges not holding up and a driver having them reduced or dropped. Thus, those facing a drunk driving charge should understand their defense options and how they could clear their name.

Source: The Herald, “Out partying and drinking? Police may be waiting for you in the parking lot,” Anna Douglas, Nov. 21, 2017