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Traffic Stop In Cherokee County Results In Drug Charges

Being stopped by law enforcement is an overwhelming and frustrating experience for North Carolina motorists. While it might seem like an inconvenience, there is often a purpose for the traffic stop. However, it is important to note that not all stops are lawful. Additionally, even when a motorist stops for a traffic stop, law enforcement officers are required to follow strict protocols when it comes to their conduct with the motorist and evidence collection. This is true even when a driver fails to stop and attempts to flee police.

This is what recently occurred in Cherokee County when authorities in Murphy attempted to stop a vehicle. According to recent reports, a narcotic detective noted that a vehicle was being driven erratically. Because of their suspicions, they attempted to stop the vehicle. This resulted in the driver fleeing from the scene.

Eventually, law enforcement was able to box in the vehicle, stopping the high-speed chase that ensued. The passenger of the vehicle, a 39-year-old male, supposedly jumped out of the vehicle and began fighting the detectives. During that time, detectives claim that they suffered serious injuries. Eventually, law enforcement was able to take the suspect into custody. Authorities claim that they found a substantial amount of meth on his person.

The driver of the vehicle, a 32-year-old female, was also taken into custody. This was done without any incident. A search of the vehicle followed the arrests, and authorities allegedly discovered a sizable amount of heroine. Reports indicated that law enforcement suspected that there was heroine in the vehicle. The male passenger faces drug charges as well as assault of an officer inflicting serious injury. The female driver faces drug charges and fleeing police.

Facing drug charges, especially when they involve other criminal charges, can be a difficult predicament to be in. However, defendants should be aware of their defense options. It is possible to poke holes in the state’s case, challenge evidence or even assert an unlawful search and seizure. No matter what defense options a defendant chooses, they should ensure their rights and interests are protected.

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