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Developing A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

Even when a crime is described as simple or minor, this doe not mean that it can’t have a major impact on the life of the accused or convicted. Because of that, individuals charged with a drug crime, no matter its severity, should take the time to understand your rights and options to defend him or herself.

Because drug crimes can carry with them harsh penalties, one is likely to seek ways to reduce or dismiss the charges against them. At Brennen& Walker Attorneys at law, our law firm is understanding of the seriousness and sensitivity of these matters. Whether this is your first drug charge or not, we are aware that this is an overwhelming matter that could severely impact the lives of our clients in the Concord area.

We handle a wide range of cases, ranging from misdemeanor to felony charges. Whether you are accused of drug possession, possession with the intent to distribute, drug manufacturing or cultivation, drug paraphernalia or maintaining a dwelling for the purposes of keeping or selling drugs, our law firm is prepared to uncover evidence and develop the best legal strategy for our clients.

Just because evidence is collected against you does not mean that it will be used against you in court. Not all evidence is collected legally, giving rise to the opportunity to suppress evidence. If an illegal search and seizure was used to collect evidence against you, we have the skills and resource to have this evidence dismissed. This helps to reduce or dismiss the charges faced by our clients.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug charges page. While it can be a scary and emotional time, it is important to take timely action when you are faced with a drug crime. This not only helps establish a strong defense, but it can help preserve evidence and protect your rights as well.