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Singer Aaron Carter Accused Of Driving While Intoxicated

Even famous people can run into trouble with the law. Take the case of music star, Aaron Carter. The singer was recently arrested for DUI refusal and is facing other criminal charges, including possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

However, Carter states he was not drunk or high when he was arrested. Carter explained that he and his girlfriend were at a North Carolina club the previous day. After that appearance, they decided to purchase an automobile to drive to his next appearance, as he has a fear of flying.

However, he claims the automobile he purchased had a faulty alignment. He says this caused him to swerve while driving. He eventually went to an AutoZone to have the alignment on the automobile repaired. However, someone had already observed him driving and contacted the police who placed him under arrest at the AutoZone. However, Carter maintains that it was the faulty alignment that caused him to swerve while driving and that he was not drunk or high on drugs at the time. Carter maintains that he actually does not consume alcohol at all. He also stated that, within the previous nine hours prior to his arrest, he had not used marijuana.

This case serves as a reminder that anyone, even famous people, can be accused of drunk driving, and such accusations can affect their professional and personal reputations. Therefore, those who are facing drunk driving charges may want to make sure they develop a solid legal strategy. An attorney can help in this endeavor and can provide them with legal representation throughout their case.

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