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How Serious Of A Charge Is Selling Cocaine In North Carolina?

There are a range of charges that could come out of a police investigation of alleged cocaine crimes here in North Carolina. Sometimes, such investigations result in an individual being charged with selling cocaine.

Facing such charges can leave a person frightened and incredibly worried about their future. In such a situation, having the right information and guidance can be critical. A person’s future can be greatly impacted by the decisions they make when they are in these sorts of situations. Skilled North Carolina drug crime defense attorneys understand the complexities and high-stakes nature of cases involving cocaine sale charges. They can provide individuals facing such charges in the state with advice and support and fight to shield them from life-altering punishments.

How serious charges of selling cocaine are in North Carolina is underscored by where state law puts the crime of cocaine sale when it comes to felony level.

Typically, selling cocaine is a Class G felony in North Carolina. In comparison, the felony level of standard cocaine possession in the state is only Class I. So, cocaine sale offenses come in at a higher felony level and can thus trigger much harsher punishments.

And there are certain situations in which a cocaine sale offense can come in at an even more severe felony level. For example, if any of the following factors were present in connection to a cocaine sale, the offense rises to a Class E felony (and thus carries even greater potential penalties):

  • The cocaine being sold within a certain distance of a school.
  • The cocaine being sold to a pregnant woman.
  • The cocaine being sold to someone under 16.