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Study Indicates Treatment For Mild Tbis Is Promising

Car accidents can be the source of many injuries. While some of these are found to be relatively minor, others could impact an accident victim for the rest of his or her life. With regards to brain injuries, victims could face many challenges, even temporary or permanent disabilities. Thus, it is important for accident victims who have suffered a brain injury understand their situation and how best to navigate them.

According to a current study that focuses on mild traumatic brain injuries, it might be beneficial to use a form of low-impulse electric stimulations to the brain. Because a TBI is the leading cause of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems, researchers found it to be important to understand treatment strategies that could help victim alleviate these symptoms.

The majority of TBI cases are considered to be mild. In fact, most are resolved in a matter of days. However, in a significant number of cases a mild TBI is likely to result in post-concussive symptoms that could persist for months and even years. This is known to result in chronic, long-term cognitive and behavioral impairment.

Because mild TBIs are not understood very well, researchers decided to focus on treatment plans that could help victims. However, this study found that the low-impulse electric stimulation showed positive results in the participants in the study. All participants experienced reduced abnormal slow-waves in their brains. Additionally, participants reported that they experienced a significant reduction in post-concussion scores.

While studies have proven that treatment methods and plans could help reduce and even alleviate the symptoms associated with a brain injury, the reality is that accident victims with brain injuries are likely to endure weeks, months and even years of these symptoms. This likely means many doctor visits, medications, procedures and treatments. This also means increasing medical bills. Thus, those suffering a brain injury should understand their rights and options. A personal injury claim could hold a negligent party accountable while also helping a victim recover compensation for their losses.

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