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March 2018 Archives

Refreshing reminder: DUI cases can be successfully defended

When people talk about or think about drunk driving charges, it is unlikely they are considering the various defense strategies that the accused could utilize. Instead, their mind probably wanders to the stigmas and the sensationalism that surround DUIs and the topic of drunk driving. This is understandable, given the way drunk driving charges are portrayed in the news and in the world of entertainment.

Drunk driving charges and traveling

We have mentioned some of the consequences of drunk driving charges on this blog, such as the ways in which your career could be affected. On top of time behind bars, losing your driving privileges, and stiff fines, there are other ways your life may be turned upside down when you are charged with driving while intoxicated. For example, if you are found guilty, your record could be problematic should you decide to leave the country, whether you need to travel for business or for a family vacation. Our law office recognizes the multitude of issues people often work through when facing these charges, but staying focused is paramount.

3 ways a DWI conviction can affect your employment

When out with your friends, it can seem easy to let go of responsibilities and just relax for a while. During your outings or gatherings at someone's home, you and your friends may consume alcoholic beverages as part of your evening. You generally know when to call it quits before you start feeling intoxicated, especially when you know you need to drive home later.

Preparing a strong defense against drug charges

It is hard to not think about the potential penalties when facing a drug crime in Concord. Whether it is your first offense or not, many are aware of the hardships these consequences can generate. From the second a person is charged with a drug crime, his or her reputation is on the line. Even if you do not believe you have a great chance at defending yourself against these allegations, initiating a criminal defense right away is your best chance at shielding yourself from the harsh penalties that could follow a conviction.

What is probable cause in a search and seizure?

When facing a drug crime, many defendants in North Carolina question how it got to this point. What information did law enforcement use to interact with them and what evidence was used to arrest and charge them? It is not always clear to those facing drug charges that the evidence collected against them isn't always sound. This means that it was not legally collected or the standards used by law enforcement were not followed when they collected and handled evidence. Thus, it is important to question the evidence used against you.

Heroin addiction: A dark road to criminal charges

Numerous substances can have detrimental effects on people. While many individuals choose to stay away from hazardous chemicals that can cause harm, some substances can prove addictive to people who use them even once. As a result, many laws are in place that work toward curbing the use of illicit drugs and other controlled substances.

The requirements of a valid search warrant

When it comes to our Constitutional rights, people in North Carolina and nationwide tend to focus on the few that really matter to our lives. One of these is the Fourth Amendment. This guarantees that unreasonable searches and seizures will not occur. While this right is in place, this does not mean it is always upheld, even when a warrant is issued. When a search requires a warrant, this document must meet certain requirements before it can be deemed valid. Even more so, when a warrant is valid, it must be followed when seizing items during the parameters of the search.

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