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Understanding North Carolina "drugged driving" charges

You may, like many others, assume that the only way to get a DUI/DWI in North Carolina is to have a few too many alcoholic beverages and climb behind the wheel. If that is the case, your assumption would be wrong. North Carolina has an "impaired driving" statute that encompasses much more than just being under the influence of alcohol.

Driving in unexpected weather conditions

There are all sorts of dangers that can increase the probability of a motor vehicle accident, from traffic congestion to negligent driving. However, drivers should be especially vigilant when it comes to driving conditions and inclement weather. In fact, poor weather conditions can appear suddenly and may even catch a driver off guard. From strong wind, fog, and heavy rain to snow and ice, there are various weather-related hazards that can cause a crash.

Did the police have a legal reason to pull you over for DWI?

You went out with your friends for a fun night out after a long week. After a couple bars, you get in the car to head home. Even though you had a few drinks, you feel clearheaded and confident that you can safely drive. After a few minutes on the road, you hear a siren and see police lights in your rear-view mirror. Now, you start to fear the possibility of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. But did the police have a legal reason to suspect DWI?

Addressing underage DWI charges

People from various walks of life may be charged with drunk driving, whether they knowingly got behind the wheel while heavily intoxicated, accidentally drove while under the influence, or were even falsely accused of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Moreover, each case is unique and there are a number of factors, such as the driver's age, which can come into play. For example, a driver who has not yet reached 21 may be charged with drunk driving due to a zero tolerance policy, even though they have a very small amount of alcohol in their system.

Self-driving cars and liability

The latest fatality caused by an Uber self-driving car has caused some North Carolina drivers to ask the question, who is ultimately responsible if a fully automated car gets in an accident? In the past years, other test runs involving self-driving cars have resulted in crashes which points out the technology is not quite ready for these vehicles to make it on their own. Once they are, many people agree that the car manufacturers will be liable for any property or medical damages.

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