There are all sorts of dangers that can increase the probability of a motor vehicle accident, from traffic congestion to negligent driving. However, drivers should be especially vigilant when it comes to driving conditions and inclement weather. In fact, poor weather conditions can appear suddenly and may even catch a driver off guard. From strong wind, fog, and heavy rain to snow and ice, there are various weather-related hazards that can cause a crash.

Sometimes, the weather can change abruptly, and a driver may find themselves operating a vehicle in weather conditions they were not expecting. For example, someone may be driving while it is raining, and the rain may turn into freezing rain as temperatures drop, covering the road in ice. Or, a driver may have difficulty behind the wheel due to strong winds that knock down trees and blow other debris onto the road, or heavy snow that begins falling and causes cars to swerve into other lanes. Sometimes, driving may not even be possible due to a sudden storm, such as driving at night when a blizzard kicks in.

Drivers should be cautious and aware of any weather-related threats they face behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even a driver who is extremely careful and vigilant with regard to poor weather and other hazards may become involved in a crash that is caused by someone else’s disregard for risks. Our law firm understands how tough these problems can be, and you can read more about this topic on our traffic collisions page.