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May 2018 Archives

The hidden price of a felony conviction

When someone is charged with a felony, they usually think of the cost in terms of a prison sentence and price of going to court. However, a felony conviction can have costs that go beyond the initial charge.

Recovering from a crash as a rideshare driver

If you work as a rideshare driver, you may have an especially high chance of finding yourself in a motor vehicle accident due to your job responsibilities. In the event that a crash takes place, it is important for you to be aware of any resources that are open to you and do all you can to move forward. Recovery may take a number of forms, whether you need to gain access to compensation to assist with financial challenges you are experiencing or you are going through a great deal of physical pain and mental trauma such as anxiety.

Recovering from a Mother’s Day traffic accident

Recently, people across the country celebrated Mother’s Day, a time when people honor their mother. During the holiday, many people took their mothers out to eat or enjoyed other activities with them. Sadly, some may have been involved in an accident, which can bring an end to celebrations and leave those involved with significant trauma. Depending on the severity of a crash, a driver and his or her passengers may be permanently scarred from a physical, emotional, or economic standpoint. As a result, victims of auto accidents that were caused by a reckless driver should firmly stand strong for their rights.

How can narcolepsy cause an accident?

People cause motor vehicle crashes for many reasons, but some drivers are especially dangerous on the road, such as those who have become dangerously tired or are drunk. Some people, such as those who are suffering from narcolepsy that has not been treated, are especially likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck. Unfortunately, drivers who do this put innocent lives at risk, in addition to their own life. Moreover, these accidents also leave victims with injuries and it is essential for those who are struggling with narcolepsy or any other health condition that affects their performance behind the wheel to seek treatment.

Auto accidents while traveling

There are certain times when the likelihood of a car accident may be higher, such as when hectic festivals are taking place or road conditions have deteriorated due to snow. Sometimes, people decide to drive while they are on a business trip or sightseeing. Unfortunately, this can increase the chances of a crash, especially if someone is not familiar with the roads in a particular area. Whether a driver gets behind the wheel in another part of the country or overseas, various hurdles may arise.

Factors that affect BAC

Many drivers in North Carolina are aware that the legal BAC limit in the state is .08. However, there are a variety of factors that affect this limit which means that some can drink more than others before reaching the legal limit. Knowing what these factors are may help you make smarter choices when it comes to drinking, especially if driving is involved. 

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