People cause motor vehicle crashes for many reasons, but some drivers are especially dangerous on the road, such as those who have become dangerously tired or are drunk. Some people, such as those who are suffering from narcolepsy that has not been treated, are especially likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck. Unfortunately, drivers who do this put innocent lives at risk, in addition to their own life. Moreover, these accidents also leave victims with injuries and it is essential for those who are struggling with narcolepsy or any other health condition that affects their performance behind the wheel to seek treatment.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, those who have untreated symptoms of narcolepsy have a greater chance of being involved in a motor vehicle collision. For example, these symptoms include losing control of one’s muscles or falling asleep suddenly, which can be incredibly dangerous while behind the wheel. With that said, the NINDS also notes that those who take the proper medication for narcolepsy are actually less likely to find themselves in a motor vehicle crash.

Regrettably, too many people continue to drive even though they have narcolepsy and have not sought treatment. The victims of motor vehicle collisions that were caused by another driver’s narcolepsy or some other factor deserve justice. These accidents upend lives at an unacceptable rate and can cause victims to experience a wide range of challenges, whether they are financial (hospital expenses and job loss), emotional (depression and anxiety), or physical (broken bones, etc.).