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June 2018 Archives

A closer look at delivery truck accidents

From motorcycle crashes to single-vehicle accidents, there are many different types of traffic wrecks and each is unique. However, some people face an especially high risk of being involved in an accident, whether they are struck by a negligent driver or are responsible for the crash themselves. Delivery truck drivers face a number of dangers on the road and can also pose a risk to other drivers after a long day, which underlines the importance of taking a closer look at these crashes.

What are some risk factors teen drivers should recognize?

There are all sorts of reasons why motor vehicle wrecks happen, whether they involve teen drivers or drivers of any age. However, for young drivers there are certain risks that may be more likely to cause a collision. If you are a young person who drives or the parent of a teen who drives or rides in vehicles with other teenagers, it is important to recognize some of these factors and do all you can to prevent a collision. Sadly, many young lives have been lost due to these accidents and some of those who have survived collisions have suffered debilitating injuries.

How can a felony affect a student’s education?

North Carolina, like many states, identifies criminal offenses as either a misdemeanor or a felony. While misdemeanors are viewed as less serious than a felony, both convictions can be followed by a prison sentence or fines. For college students, especially those applying for grad school, jail time or other consequences can sharply cut into their education. Felony convictions not only hold the consequence of fines and jail time, but young adults may face another dilemma: A screeching halt to a student’s college career and beyond.

The dangers of driver fatigue

Innocent lives are lost on the road far too frequently and these crashes have many causes. Sometimes, a drunk driver is to blame, while other collisions occur because someone was driving over the speed limit or ignoring traffic signs. However, fatigue is an especially concerning risk factor that has caused many fatal accidents and left many people with terrible injuries. Not only can fatigue cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel, which is terrifying, but it can also cause them to veer into another lane or have difficulty reacting to a problem on the road.

Are DWI checkpoints legal in North Carolina?

For many people in North Carolina, weekends are enjoyed by taking an afternoon drive, attending outdoor concerts and experiencing the exciting night life in the streets of Uptown. As you go about your night, there may be a chance that it all comes to a halt. Flashing lights and an unexpected trip to the police station will have a negative impact on the weekend as well as your future. Legal battles concerning arrests made at DWI checkpoints are fought daily across most states, which brings up several important questions.

How many people are charged with DWI?

When it comes to traffic-related problems, there are all sorts of challenges that arise, from head-on crashes to ice on the roads. However, drunk driving charges are especially difficult for many people who find themselves in this position and their lives may be thrown off-course in all sorts of ways. As a driver, it may be helpful for you to understand just how many people find themselves facing DWI charges every year.

When an employee is hurt in a traffic crash

Employers have many different challenges to work through each day and there are many things that can go wrong in the workplace. For example, an employee may file a complaint which alleges that they were subjected to discrimination or sexually harassed. Employers face other challenges as well, from finding qualified workers to business litigation involving other companies. However, it can be especially tough when an employee is hurt (or even killed) in a motor vehicle crash that occurs on the job. As a result, employers should do all they can to prevent work-related traffic wrecks.

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