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July 2018 Archives

Distracted driving and motorcycle crashes

Sometimes, when people envision distracted driving they may think of someone who is driving a passenger vehicle or a truck. After all, motorcyclists may not have access to some of the sources of distraction that the drivers of other vehicles do. Moreover, it can be more difficult for a motorcyclist to use his or her phone while on the road, for example. However, there are still a number of distractions that can take a motorcyclist’s attention from the road and increase the probability of an accident.

Bystanders can be guilty of more than drug crimes

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost everyone who starts doing drugs does so because a friend or family member introduces it to them. Drug use, abuse and addiction remain a part of our society’s interwoven personal relationships. We all “know a guy who knows a guy” who has access to drugs, but how do these relationships affect the justice process?

DWI charges after a family get-together

When someone is pulled over and found to be over the legal limit, their life may unravel in various ways. These charges can bring an incredible amount of stress and the consequences can be severe, from time behind bars to fines and the loss of driving privileges. There are all sorts of reasons why people find themselves in this position, whether they are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or they made a poor decision during a very difficult time in life (such as losing a job). Moreover, someone may drive drunk after attending a family get-together, accidentally in some instances.

A look into false domestic violence accusations

Those who are charged with domestic violence may find their lives shattered in many ways. They could be depressed by a less favorable outcome following a dispute over child custody, face problems while trying to find a job in the future or find that some of their friends and family members do not want to associate with them anymore because of the harsh stigma that is associated with these allegations. Sadly, many lives have been shattered as a result of these false claims and in this post we will take a closer look at false domestic violence accusations.

Reviewing some of the reasons why drivers speed

There are all sorts of risky behaviors drivers exhibit behind the wheel, but some, such as going over the speed limit, are especially dangerous. It is important to understand the many reasons why drivers speed and make sure that you stay within the speed limit if you ever find yourself in one of these situations. Sadly, many drivers show no regard for speed limits and put innocent lives in danger.

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