There are all sorts of risky behaviors drivers exhibit behind the wheel, but some, such as going over the speed limit, are especially dangerous. It is important to understand the many reasons why drivers speed and make sure that you stay within the speed limit if you ever find yourself in one of these situations. Sadly, many drivers show no regard for speed limits and put innocent lives in danger.

Many people have driven faster than they should have because they are running late for work or need to make it to an appointment on time. Drivers may worry about the consequences of showing up late, but it is crucial to stay within the speed limit. After all, speeding can bring many consequences as well, from costly tickets to lawsuits, serious injuries and the loss of life.

Running late is not the only reason drivers speed, either. Some speed during an illegal street race or as an attempt to show off to someone else in the vehicle or on the road. This reckless behavior has claimed many lives and drivers who speed may collide with another vehicle or veer off of the road and slam into a tree.

Sometimes, drivers accidentally go over the speed limit without realizing it, which can also be dangerous. If you were hit by a driver who was speeding for any reason, you should know what your rights are. Legal action may be on the table and our car collision page provides additional info on this issue.