Operating a vehicle can be dangerous at any time, but certain periods (such as the night) can be particularly hazardous. During nighttime hours, drivers may struggle to see the road and hazards near the roadway, more people may get behind the wheel while intoxicated and drowsy driving becomes especially concerning. For some people, driving at night can be especially difficult because they do not have very much experience with this, and driving when it is dark out can be different from driving during the day in a number of ways.

First of all, those who drive at night may not be used to using their headlights or adjusting their high-beams. Moreover, they may be startled when another vehicle fails to turn off their high-beams while approaching, temporarily blinding the driver. Outside of these concerns, there may be other risks that are present during the night, such as wildlife running across the road. Moreover, people who are not used to driving at night may behave differently and struggle to adjust to the various differences.

Even if you are very familiar with nighttime driving and you always focus on road safety, you could still find yourself in a crash due to inexperienced driving. Unfortunately, other drivers may be inexperienced with driving at night, and they may also be acting recklessly, endangering the lives of other people. If you were struck by a vehicle at night or any time, it is essential for you to know which legal options you might have and stand up for yourself.