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October 2018 Archives

The elements of larceny

The term "larceny" sometimes confuses North Carolinians, and that is in part because the term itself is subject to redefinition. Essentially, larceny refers to theft, and the courts used to draw distinctions between grand larceny and petty larceny based on the value of the stolen property. However, North Carolina law has since abolished the distinctions between petty and grand larceny, and all larceny offenses are Class H felonies unless otherwise provided by statute.

Life after a drug possession charge

A drug possession charge can change your life, and you may have many concerns. Will you go to jail? Will you lose your job? What will happen to your family? Charges vary, and not all charges result in a conviction. Here are a few things you may be thinking about:

Fits of rage and reckless driving

People drive recklessly in many different ways. For example, some drivers do not follow traffic safety guidelines because they are intoxicated after taking drugs or drinking in excess. However, reckless driving may be the result of other issues, such as strong emotions. Someone who is in a fit of rage may pose a threat to other people on the road and themselves. If you ever find yourself in this position, it is pivotal to make sure that you do not let your emotions interfere with your driving. Unfortunately, some people do let their anger negatively impact their ability to drive.

Natural disasters and car accidents

Motor vehicle collisions have many causes, some of which are the result of human behavior (such as driving drunk or switching lanes improperly). However, weather can also cause auto accidents in many different ways and some weather events, such as natural disasters, are especially concerning in this regard. Often, it is smart to stay off the road altogether during a natural disaster or periods of inclement weather. However, some people may drive during these events for various reasons. It is extremely important to be careful if you have to drive during or after a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, or following an earthquake.

“Ban the box” movement gaining momentum

In recent years, states have taken great leaps in crushing the stigma of convictions and arrest records. Over 150 cities and counties have jumped onboard with ban-the-box or fair-chance policies. The goal is for employers to look at a job candidate’s qualifications before looking at a criminal record. Background checks occur later in the hiring process, after employers carefully consider job applications.

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