Motor vehicle collisions have many causes, some of which are the result of human behavior (such as driving drunk or switching lanes improperly). However, weather can also cause auto accidents in many different ways and some weather events, such as natural disasters, are especially concerning in this regard. Often, it is smart to stay off the road altogether during a natural disaster or periods of inclement weather. However, some people may drive during these events for various reasons. It is extremely important to be careful if you have to drive during or after a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, or following an earthquake.

First of all, natural disasters can bring very strong winds and destruction while leaving debris scattered across the roadway. Fallen trees and many other hazards may be present in the wake of a natural disaster. There are other risks to be aware of as well. For example, other drivers may be extremely tired, or they may be driving erratically because they are very stressed out or emotional. Human behavior can be a serious concern during natural disasters and other types of emergencies, so it is vital to be aware of any risks you may face while driving.

Unfortunately, an auto accident can make it even more difficult for someone to recover from a natural disaster. These events occur on an annual basis and certain parts of the country are more likely to experience particular disasters. With winter approaching, those living in northern areas should be mindful of blizzards and ice storms, which can also make driving very dangerous.