Driving can be especially dangerous while very tired and too many people push themselves to drive when they should be getting sleep. From work responsibilities to someone who drove long distances for a road trip or special event, many different things can factor into driver fatigue. However, there is no excuse for drowsy driving when it puts the lives of innocent people at risk. If you were hit by a drowsy driver, this aspect of the crash should not be overlooked, and you may want to move forward with a lawsuit.

When someone drives while they are extremely tired, they might struggle to respond to threats on the road. For example, if a deer darts across the road or another car crosses over the center line into their lane, they may have a harder time avoiding these hazards. Drowsy drivers may even fall asleep while they are operating a vehicle, which can be very dangerous. Even dozing off for a matter of seconds could result in a fatal accident.

Drivers who are struggling with fatigue may drive erratically and far too many people have driven even though they were very tired. There are many risk factors associated with car accidents and while drunk driving and distracted driving receive a lot of attention, drowsy driving should not be overlooked.

If you were hit by a drowsy driver, you may have been injured in the crash or you could have lost someone you love. We realize how challenging your life may be and believe that you should immediately look for resources to help you recover.