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Addressing Underage DWI Charges

People from various walks of life may be charged with drunk driving, whether they knowingly got behind the wheel while heavily intoxicated, accidentally drove while under the influence, or were even falsely accused of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Moreover, each case is unique and there are a number of factors, such as the driver’s age, which can come into play. For example, a driver who has not yet reached 21 may be charged with drunk driving due to a zero tolerance policy, even though they have a very small amount of alcohol in their system.

As a young person, underage DWI charges be very unsettling. Teenagers who find themselves in this position may have concerns with regard to their parent’s reaction, as well as the different ways these charges could affect them later on (college, applying for a job, etc.). Moreover, underage drunk driving charges can also result in harsh penalties such as the loss of driving privileges and costly fines. Aside from the perspective of a young driver, these charges can be extremely unsettling for parents also. Some parents may be concerned about their child’s behavior and the different ways their future could be negatively impacted by the charges as well.

When someone is charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, taking the right approach is essential. There are numerous details that could affect the outcome of someone’s case, which is why DWI charges must be approached carefully. Visit our DWI section to view more related to underage drunk driving.