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Poison Ivy, Bug Bites And Car Crashes

Common auto accident risk factors include poor road conditions, the use of alcohol behind the wheel and recklessly driving over the speed limit. While it is important for drivers to be aware of these concerns whenever they are on the road, there are other less common problems that can increase the chances of a wreck. For example, someone who has a rash due to exposure to poison ivy or is struggling with bug bites may be more likely to crash into another vehicle.

There are different reasons why a driver who is struggling with bug bites or poison ivy may have a higher chance of causing an accident. For starters, intense itching may take their focus away from the road. They may be too caught up with scratching and they may be extremely comfortable, which could also have a negative impact on their mental focus. Moreover, some may take their hands off the wheel in order to apply cream or deal with their rash.

There are many other reasons why people become distracted while they are driving and all of these distractions have the potential to cause a fatal wreck or a collision that leaves victims with serious injuries which permanently change their lives for the worse. If you were hit by a driver who was not paying attention to the road or was exhibiting any other example of careless driving, it may be a smart idea to take legal action in an attempt to secure the resources you need to recover.