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Texting And Driving Can Lead To Fatal Crashes

Everyone in North Carolina relies on technology to make their lives easier. And in some cases, technology serves as a way to entertain them or allow them to stay connected with others. While this can be very beneficial for their busy lives, this does not mean it should be used at all times. However, some motorists think it is fine to pull out their cell phone while they are driving. Even if it is only a mere glance at a text, that could be the second that causes them to collide with another vehicle. All it takes is a fraction of a second to cause a crash.

When a person uses their cell phone behind the wheel, the fact of the matter is that their eyes are not on the road, their hands are not on the wheel and their mind is not on the task of driving. Although motor vehicles have become safer and there was a general decline in fatal accidents going back a decade, there has been a spike in fatalities the past few years.

In 2016, 40,200 people died on the roads across the United States, which is a 14 percent increase from the prior two years. Some of these fatal crashes were caused by unavoidable and rather complex reasons. However, others could have been clearly avoided. The major cause for these avoidable collisions is the fact that drivers cannot wait to send a text, read an email or make a phone call. There are roughly 228 million smartphones used in the U.S. with 264 million registered vehicles in the country. This ratio displays that there is a concerning chance that a motorist has a smartphone and will use it while driving.

Because there is a high chance that a driver could be using their cell phone while driving, there is also an increasing chance that a distracted driving crash could occur. Thus, if you are a victim of a distracted diving crash or lost a loved one in such a collision, it is imperative to be aware of your rights. A wrongful death action or personal injury claim could help place accountability on the driver that caused the crash, while also helping with the recovery of losses.

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