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A Look Into False Domestic Violence Accusations

Those who are charged with domestic violence may find their lives shattered in many ways. They could be depressed by a less favorable outcome following a dispute over child custody, face problems while trying to find a job in the future or find that some of their friends and family members do not want to associate with them anymore because of the harsh stigma that is associated with these allegations. Sadly, many lives have been shattered as a result of these false claims and in this post we will take a closer look at false domestic violence accusations.

There are all sorts of reasons why someone falsely accuses another of domestic violence. Whether a couple was dating for years, engaged or married, someone may decide to accuse their former partner of domestic violence because they are upset that they decided to end the relationship or are bitter about some unrelated issue, such as infidelity. Child custody is another reason why some people accuse the other parent of their child of abuse, whether they want to become the child’s favorite parent or they want to have an advantage in court during a custody hearing.

Many people have been falsely accused of this offense and it has shattered their lives in multiple ways. If you are facing these charges and are innocent, this is no time sit back and remain silent. Our page on violent crimes has more information on various topics and points to consider with respect to false domestic violence allegations.