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Distracted Driving And Motorcycle Crashes

Sometimes, when people envision distracted driving they may think of someone who is driving a passenger vehicle or a truck. After all, motorcyclists may not have access to some of the sources of distraction that the drivers of other vehicles do. Moreover, it can be more difficult for a motorcyclist to use his or her phone while on the road, for example. However, there are still a number of distractions that can take a motorcyclist’s attention from the road and increase the probability of an accident.

A motorcyclist may become distracted while trying to communicate with another motorcyclist who is riding with them, alongside them or behind them. Moreover, listening to music and adjusting the volume can be distracting and some motorcyclists may get distracted while trying to eat or perform some other activity. A motorcyclist who is on a road trip may be distracted by a popular tourist attraction or scenic site and there are all sorts of other ways in which motorcyclists lose their ability to focus on the road.

Moreover, the drivers of other vehicles who become distracted pose a major threat to motorcyclists. Someone who is distracted while driving a truck and using their phone may not see a motorcyclist or realize that they are veering onto the wrong side of the road. These accidents can be very tragic and have claimed the lives of many motorcyclists over the years. Additionally, those who are injured in a motorcycle crash may have a lot of different challenges ahead of them.