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The Dangers Of Driver Fatigue

Innocent lives are lost on the road far too frequently and these crashes have many causes. Sometimes, a drunk driver is to blame, while other collisions occur because someone was driving over the speed limit or ignoring traffic signs. However, fatigue is an especially concerning risk factor that has caused many fatal accidents and left many people with terrible injuries. Not only can fatigue cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel, which is terrifying, but it can also cause them to veer into another lane or have difficulty reacting to a problem on the road.

Many people drive while fatigued and this puts lives at risk. There are all sorts of reasons drivers find themselves in this position and some may not even realize that they are too tired to drive safely and responsibly. Some causes include working overtime, working a graveyard shift, suffering from a sleep disorder, having difficulty sleeping on a single occasion and even consuming certain medications that can lead to drowsiness. Moreover, some drivers rely on potentially dangerous tactics to stay awake behind the wheel, such as depending on caffeine to remain alert.

Fatigue is particularly concerning with regard to large truck drivers and trucker fatigue is responsible for many of the semi accidents that occur. If you were hurt in a crash caused by someone else’s fatigue, or your loved one has found themselves in this position, it is important to explore all options including legal action, depending on what took place. Our car accident page has more related to the dangers of driver fatigue.