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What Are Some Risk Factors Teen Drivers Should Recognize?

There are all sorts of reasons why motor vehicle wrecks happen, whether they involve teen drivers or drivers of any age. However, for young drivers there are certain risks that may be more likely to cause a collision. If you are a young person who drives or the parent of a teen who drives or rides in vehicles with other teenagers, it is important to recognize some of these factors and do all you can to prevent a collision. Sadly, many young lives have been lost due to these accidents and some of those who have survived collisions have suffered debilitating injuries.

According to data presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a number of auto accident risk factors for teen drivers. The CDC points out that teens are especially likely to avoid wearing a seat belt, leave enough distance between vehicles, go over the speed limit and identify hazards on the road. The CDC also notes that alcohol use is especially concerning when it comes to young drivers and that the risk of an accident is especially high during the weekend.

Whether you are concerned about your child, are a young person who drives or you are a teen who regularly rides in vehicles driven by young drivers, you should recognize these risk factors and do your best to avoid the consequences that may follow a crash. However, some accidents are unavoidable due to another’s negligence, in which case you should immediately go over your legal options.