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3 Ways A DWI Conviction Can Affect Your Employment

When out with your friends, it can seem easy to let go of responsibilities and just relax for a while. During your outings or gatherings at someone’s home, you and your friends may consume alcoholic beverages as part of your evening. You generally know when to call it quits before you start feeling intoxicated, especially when you know you need to drive home later.

If an officer pulls you over for another traffic violation later in the night, he or she may notice the alcohol on your breath and question your driving abilities. Though you may say you consumed a few drinks with friends but not enough to become impaired, the officer may still conduct a breath test. If the results indicate a level that reaches or exceeds the legal limit of .08 percent, you will likely face a DWI charge.

Impacts on employment

Having a DWI charge brought against you may have come as a shock, and now, you may wonder how this situation will affect you in the long run. Unfortunately, a conviction for DWI can have tremendous impacts on various area of your life, especially when it comes to your current or future employment. Some ways a DWI conviction could affect your job include:

  • Tardiness: If you lose your license as a result of a DWI conviction, you may have a more difficult time getting to work. Continued tardiness could reflect negatively on your work ethic, and your employer may question whether you should remain in your position.
  • Time away from work: Along similar lines as tardiness, you may need to miss work in order to attend your court hearings, carry out court-mandated services or attend classes, or to complete a resulting jail sentence. Missing work could also result in it proving difficult to keep your job.
  • Fewer future employment options: A DWI conviction will go on your criminal record, and for many employers, that mark can act as a major red flag. If a job involves driving, working with children or holding a position of immense responsibility, a potential employer may not hire you due to believing a DWI points to irresponsibility on your part.

Unfortunately, a DWI can also have numerous other impacts on your job or your search for future employment.

Defending against allegations

On the bright side, you do have legal options for defending against accusations of DWI and potentially avoiding a conviction. In order to determine what options may work best for your circumstances, you may wish to gain reliable information from local North Carolina legal resources.