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Preparing A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

It is hard to not think about the potential penalties when facing a drug crime in Concord. Whether it is your first offense or not, many are aware of the hardships these consequences can generate. From the second a person is charged with a drug crime, his or her reputation is on the line. Even if you do not believe you have a great chance at defending yourself against these allegations, initiating a criminal defense right away is your best chance at shielding yourself from the harsh penalties that could follow a conviction.

At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, our law firm understands the importance of a strong defense. We pride ourselves in our ability to defend our clients, no matter what type of charge they face. Whether it be drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing or cultivation, possession of drug paraphernalia or maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of storing or selling drugs, our skilled attorneys aim to craft the strongest defense possible for your situation.

Each drug crime has elements that must be proven. The prosecution must provide evidence that proves each of these elements. Even if just one element is lacking enough proof, this could help reduce or even dismiss the charges. Additionally, our law firm is well versed in the pertinent laws, and we are able to use our knowledge and expertise to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. This means understanding whether evidence was collected lawfully and what options we have to suppress evidence.

Being skilled in negotiation and litigation, our law firm is ready to meet the needs and goals of our clients. To learn more, check out our law firm’s drug charges website. A criminal record could have a significant impact on your life. Thus, it is important to understand your criminal defense options and take steps to protect your rights and interests.