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Helping Your Teen Deal With A DWI

There are all many challenges you may have to face as the parent of a teen, from social issues involving your child to school performance. Sometimes, being a parent can be especially tough and you may be particularly worried about your child’s future. For example, your child may have been pulled over and charged with driving drunk. You could have all sorts of questions and these charges may have caught you completely off-guard. However, it is pivotal to explore your options and do your best to help your child work through this tough time. After all, their future may be at stake.

It is important to note that many teens have found themselves in this difficult position because of zero tolerance laws that prohibit someone under the age of 21 from driving with any amount of alcohol in their system. As a result, many young drivers have been hit with DWI charges even though they were not drunk. From college to applying for certain jobs, these charges could haunt your child for years to come and you should carefully go over their legal options with them. The way in which this case is approached could have a major impact on the end result and, ultimately, the consequences your child faces.

Drunk driving cases sometimes have certain details that are overlooked even though these details would have affected the outcome. Every DWI should be reviewed individually and you should carefully go over your teen’s drunk driving case to make sure that you handle it appropriately.