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What Should I Know About Drug Addiction Treatment?

If you’ve recently been charged with a drug offense in Concord, NC, you may be thinking of getting drug addiction treatment in the wake of your arrest. Because recoveries are often complex, it’s important that you select the best treatment option for your individual needs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers the following information in this case.

Are there different types of treatment?

While the most effective treatments are tailored to the individual, there are quite a few options when it comes to drug addiction recovery. Some people need lifetime recovery assistance, while others are able to break the habit using short-term help. Others find success with behavior therapy, which addresses the cause of addictive behavior, such as depressive disorders or anxiety. There are even medications available that can boost the effectiveness of these treatments. Some medications control cravings for a person’s drug of choice, while others lend assistance during the detox period.

What is inpatient treatment?

For people with severe addictions, including those who’ve abused substances for many years, are better suited to inpatient treatment. Some treatment centers offer round-the-clock care within a structured environment to provide the residents with security. With recovery housing, residents receive less supervision but still undergo counseling on a regular basis. This usually follows long-term inpatient treatment, which can range from about six to twelve months.

What are the goals for drug treatment?

There are three desired outcomes of successful drug treatment. The first is that the person stops using drugs altogether, even those not considered their drug of choice. Next, the person must abstain from using drugs in the future. The best way to do so is by contributing to society in a meaningful way, both in their professional and personal lives. Because relapses are common, many people need continual treatment throughout their lives to stay drug-free.