Sometimes, you may be distracted when you get into your vehicle. Thoughts about where you are going, especially if you are driving a new route, the time constraints you may have and a host of other thoughts may prevent you from remembering to fasten your seatbelt. However, making it a priority to buckle up as soon as you start your vehicle can protect you from being critically hurt if you are involved in a car accident in North Carolina. 

According to, a seat belt has the unique power to disperse the force of a collision if you crash. By preventing excessive force to your body, you may be able to escape an otherwise serious injury if you are involved in an accident. A seat belt can also protect areas of your body such as your spinal cord and brain by restraining your body when your seat belt locks in place when it detects tension. By restraining the strongest parts of your body, the force of your body is maintained when it may otherwise be launched because of the sheer force of hitting another vehicle or object. 

If you have passengers riding in your vehicle, it is important to remind them to wear their seatbelts. If you have children, you should see that each of them is securely fastened into the appropriate child restraint for their age, weight and height. You can also show a good example to your children by always buckling up so they can develop the habit from an early age. 

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