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North Carolina Rated 7Th Worst State For Drunk Driving

North Carolina got listed as the seventh-worst state for drunk drivers in 2018. That’s because the state saw a higher than average number of DUI arrests and drunk driving deaths that year, according to a recent study.

Several of North Carolina’s neighbors in the south also saw higher than average rates, including Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama. The study says the region is the most dangerous for drunk drivers, stating that 29% of vehicle deaths in the area were DUI related.

How the Tar Heel State stacks up based their results on the number of DUI arrest and mortality rates per 100,000 people. They also used data from the FBI, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Census to back their findings. These factors determined North Carolina’s ranking in the study:

  • Total number of DUI arrests: 27,915
  • Number of DUI arrests per 100,000 people: 2
  • Number of DUI fatalities: 421
  • Total percentage of traffic deaths: 29%
  • Drunk driving fatalities increase/decrease annually: 5% increase
  • DUI death rate per 100,000 people: 4.05
  • Overall DUI severity score: 9.24

Authorities are cracking down over the holidays

Due to the high number of fatalities, motorists in North Carolina may see extra law enforcement out on the roads. While most holiday DUI arrests occur around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s often don’t fall too far behind. Because of these circumstances, those celebrating with family and friends over the upcoming holidays may want to take precaution and find a sober ride to get home safely.