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Crime On The Rise Again In North Carolina City

North Carolina has struggled to get a hold on criminal activities over the years, but a recent report shows at least one city was experiencing an all-time low. Roughly two hours’ drive from Concord is the city of Durham. According to ABC News, the police chief in the area reported a four-year low in the crime rate for 2018, which dropped by 13%.

However, a closer look at the numbers still showed some cause for concern. The good news is that homeowners can breathe easy as burglary is at a 20-year low with a total of 2,226 home invasions. In contrast, car theft is experiencing a ten-year high with 801 vehicles stolen. Homicides also increased by 52%, but police officers were able to solve 75% of these crimes.

North Carolina’s second-largest newspaper, The News & Observer, reported just a few days later that 2019 already showed signs of an increase in violent crimes. It referenced the police chief’s first-quarter report for the year, which showed a 13% increase in robberies, homicides, aggravated assault and other violent crimes. Even burglary once again increased by 16%. In addition to this, larcenies comprised 61% of the crimes reported in the city.

Durham is just one example of how crime rates may fluctuate in even smaller cities. This may make it difficult for residents who rely on the news to plan accordingly to protect their property and themselves. Because of this, many Americans prefer not to remain wholly dependent on police officers to deter crime. Instead, more families are investing in home and business security surveillance. And, unfortunately, some others have resorted to taking matters into their own hands.