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Did the police have a legal reason to pull you over for DWI?

You went out with your friends for a fun night out after a long week. After a couple bars, you get in the car to head home. Even though you had a few drinks, you feel clearheaded and confident that you can safely drive. After a few minutes on the road, you hear a siren and see police lights in your rear-view mirror. Now, you start to fear the possibility of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. But did the police have a legal reason to suspect DWI?

Heroin addiction: A dark road to criminal charges

Numerous substances can have detrimental effects on people. While many individuals choose to stay away from hazardous chemicals that can cause harm, some substances can prove addictive to people who use them even once. As a result, many laws are in place that work toward curbing the use of illicit drugs and other controlled substances.

Why is drug addiction treated like a crime?

If you or a loved one suffers with an addiction, you know first-hand how quickly your life can get out of control. You don't want to do the things you do, but the power of the drug often leaves you no choice. It doesn't help that society treats addiction like a crime, blocking you from getting help seemingly at every turn.

Your rights at a sobriety checkpoint

After an evening at your favorite sports bar or friend's house, nothing may kill the mood like rounding a corner and seeing a sobriety checkpoint. Even if you had one beer, you know the smell is on your breath and that police will notice it as soon as you answer their first question. So, what are your options?

Did the arresting officer make mistakes during your DUI stop?

Getting pulled over by a police officer can immediately make anyone feel apprehensive. Even if you do not believe you did anything wrong, your nerves may still jump as the officer approaches your vehicle. You may start thinking of your actions earlier in the evening and wonder whether the drinks you had at dinner or with friends after work could affect the situation you now face.

Illegal study drugs teach a hard lesson

Your child worked hard in high school and accomplished things beyond your imaginings. With many options open, to your relief, your child chose nearby Strayer University or University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Maybe he or she won admission only a little further away to Duke. The future looks bright, and you have every confidence in what your child can achieve.

Did the officer establish probable cause in your DUI case?

As would be the case anywhere in the United States, law enforcement officers here in North Carolina can't just put you under arrest, search your car or take your property during a traffic stop. In order to take any of these actions without a warrant, an officer must first establish probable cause.

Certain factors could lead to aggravated DWI charges

When an officer stops your vehicle, you may feel a sudden rush of adrenaline and wonder what may have raised suspicions. You may also worry that the alcohol you consumed earlier may affect the manner in which the officer carries out the traffic stop. Even if you feel fine and do not believe that your abilities have been impaired, an officer may view the situation differently.

Can you lose your car due to drunk driving in North Carolina?

Drunk driving can bring a host of serious legal problems for North Carolina drivers. If you are facing criminal charges related to driving while intoxicated, you know that you could be dealing with various penalties and consequences that may impact many areas of your life. However, you may not be aware of the fact that in some circumstances, drunk driving could lead to forfeiture of your personal vehicle. 

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