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A look at how vaping may impact juvenile drug offenses

Reducing the number of incidents of juvenile crime in North Carolina is a shared objective of many cities throughout the state, but this goal can be difficult to attain when challenging influences seem to appear daily. A relatively new obsession for many teenagers is the idea of vaping. While becoming involved in this trend appears relatively harmless to many, it can have a significant impact on a person's wellbeing and safety. 

Drug dealers in NC may be charged with 2nd degree murder

Several changes occurred in the legal system over the past six months to a year. Many of these changes affect not just people in North Carolina but Americans nationwide. According to the New York Times, the Senate approved some of the most substantial changes to the criminal justice system in decades toward the end of last year.

Why are opiates so addictive?

Drug addictions ruin health, destroy families, and cause serious legal repercussions. This is especially true when it comes to opiates, which are highly addictive even after short-term use. Understanding the nature of addiction is crucial, both for family members as well as the person with the drug problem. The Mayo Clinic explains how opiate addiction works and what risk factors are involved. 

What should I know about drug addiction treatment?

If you’ve recently been charged with a drug offense in Concord, NC, you may be thinking of getting drug addiction treatment in the wake of your arrest. Because recoveries are often complex, it’s important that you select the best treatment option for your individual needs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers the following information in this case.

When your teen is facing drug charges

Raising a child can bring on a great deal of stress at times and parents may be concerned about their child's future for many reasons. However, there are certain times when these concerns may become even greater, such as when a teen is charged with a drug offense. Whether your child has been accused of selling drugs or possessing unlawful substances, it is crucial to not only understand how their future could be affected by these charges but do what you can to support them during this tough time. In North Carolina, these charges can be very damaging with respect to a young person's future.

Preparing a strong defense against drug charges

It is hard to not think about the potential penalties when facing a drug crime in Concord. Whether it is your first offense or not, many are aware of the hardships these consequences can generate. From the second a person is charged with a drug crime, his or her reputation is on the line. Even if you do not believe you have a great chance at defending yourself against these allegations, initiating a criminal defense right away is your best chance at shielding yourself from the harsh penalties that could follow a conviction.

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