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Football season and DUIs

Watching football is a popular pastime in North Carolina and throughout the country. Get-togethers at sports bars, rowdy tailgate parties and drinking at the game increases the chances that people will get behind the wheel while intoxicated. The laws surrounding driving under the influence are strict in the state, and the penalties, both short- and long-term, can be severe.

Supreme Court ruling may increase drunk driving convictions

According to The Charlotte Observer, the operator of a vehicle is considered a drunk driver if they have a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. For commercial drivers, the BAC legal limit in North Carolina is just 0.04%. Contrary to what many people believe, even without a BAC test, a police officer may still charge a driver with a DUI or DWI if they are “appreciably impaired.” A DWI is considered a misdemeanor and may lead to jailtime ranging from 24 hours to 2 years or fines of $200 to $4,000.

Questioning breath alcohol test accuracy

As North Carolina days get longer and the weather gets warmer backyard barbeques, picnics at the lake and tailgating at the Speedway become favorite activities. Alcoholic beverages are often present at these events, which makes getting behind the wheel a dangerous proposition. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, we have experience defending clients charged with driving while intoxicated.

Life consequences of a DWI

If you receive a DWI in North Carolina, there are numerous penalties, such as fines, license suspension and possible jail time, that have a direct effect on your life and finances. However, the consequences of driving while intoxicated reach beyond the legal penalties. You can feel the effects from a DWI for years after conviction, which is why you need proper legal counsel to help you navigate the process.

Helping your teen deal with a DWI

There are all many challenges you may have to face as the parent of a teen, from social issues involving your child to school performance. Sometimes, being a parent can be especially tough and you may be particularly worried about your child's future. For example, your child may have been pulled over and charged with driving drunk. You could have all sorts of questions and these charges may have caught you completely off-guard. However, it is pivotal to explore your options and do your best to help your child work through this tough time. After all, their future may be at stake.

What treatments are available for alcohol addiction?

Receiving a DWI in North Carolina is a serious matter with very serious consequences. Additionally, a DWI charge can also point to a problem with alcohol use in general, and these effects often extend beyond the legal. Interpersonal relationships, work, and even health in general will all be impacted by prolonged acohol usage. WebMD explains the different treatments available for alcohol addiction and how each one may potentially help you on the road to recovery.

Riding a scooter while intoxicated

When it comes to driving under the influence, every single case is unique in a number of ways. For example, some drivers may have multiple offenses on their record, while others may have gotten behind the wheel drunk for the first time in their life. Some people may be well over the legal limit and severely impaired, while others may barely fail a breathalyzer test. Moreover, people operate different types of vehicles while drunk, such as cars, trucks and even scooters.

DWI charges after a family get-together

When someone is pulled over and found to be over the legal limit, their life may unravel in various ways. These charges can bring an incredible amount of stress and the consequences can be severe, from time behind bars to fines and the loss of driving privileges. There are all sorts of reasons why people find themselves in this position, whether they are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or they made a poor decision during a very difficult time in life (such as losing a job). Moreover, someone may drive drunk after attending a family get-together, accidentally in some instances.

How many people are charged with DWI?

When it comes to traffic-related problems, there are all sorts of challenges that arise, from head-on crashes to ice on the roads. However, drunk driving charges are especially difficult for many people who find themselves in this position and their lives may be thrown off-course in all sorts of ways. As a driver, it may be helpful for you to understand just how many people find themselves facing DWI charges every year.

Factors that affect BAC

Many drivers in North Carolina are aware that the legal BAC limit in the state is .08. However, there are a variety of factors that affect this limit which means that some can drink more than others before reaching the legal limit. Knowing what these factors are may help you make smarter choices when it comes to drinking, especially if driving is involved. 

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