Your Defense Against Drug Trafficking Charges

North Carolina drug laws are strict, and a conviction on any type of drug offense can lead to serious, even life-altering penalties. This is especially true for drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, we understand the serious nature of this type of criminal charge. Our experienced lawyers can help you effectively confront these charges through a strong defense specifically built for you.

We have extensive trial experience, and we know how to protect you at every step. From seeking a possible reduction or dismissal of all charges to fighting for you in court, our team employs every resource at our disposal for your benefit. Through intensive investigation, careful preparation and tenacious advocacy of your rights, we can help you present a strong defense against drug trafficking charges.

We Understand What Is At Stake

Drug trafficking is a term used to describe various types of drug-related felony charges. These cases may involve manufacturing, cultivating, distributing and selling illicit drugs. Trafficking charges can range in type and severity depending on the specific type and quantity of the drug, as well as other factors.

Regardless of the individual details of your case, drug trafficking is serious. If convicted, you could face significant time behind bars, forfeiture of your personal assets and other criminal penalties. A conviction could change the course of your life, but complex cases do not intimidate us. We know what is at stake, and we will fight to minimize the impact that these charges will have on your future. Our goal is to preserve your interests, defend your rights and keep a drug trafficking charge off your criminal record.

Serious Legal Guidance For Serious Legal Issues

We have experience defending clients against the most serious drug charges. We will not provide you with false hope or keep you in the dark about the direction of your case, but we provide honest guidance and personal attention to every client who turns to our Concord area law firm.

You can learn more about how our team can help you by scheduling an evaluation of your case. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your legal options. Call 704-594-4128 for drug trafficking defense or email us to make an appointment at our Concord office.