Defending Your Interests Against Assault Charges

Assault cases often start as a simple mistake or self-defense, turning into serious misdemeanor or felony charges. Regardless of the nature of your case, the team at Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, is ready to defend your interests and protect you against the repercussions of any type of assault charge.

Our assault defense lawyers will do what it takes to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We will set clear goals to get the assault charges against you reduced or dismissed. When it benefits your interests, our experienced trial lawyers will vigorously defend you in court. We are on your side throughout the process, including in protective order defense.

The Definition Of Assault Charges In North Carolina

Assault charges can arise out of any type of incident during which there was alleged offensive or inappropriate contact. Like drug-related crimes, there is a wide range of assault charges. They can include everything from a simple misdemeanor offense to a serious weapon-related charge.

Types of assault charges in North Carolina include:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault on a female
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault on a disabled individual
  • Assault on an elderly person
  • Assault with serious injury

Assault charges could stem from self-protection or because of your involvement in a disagreement, even if no one was physically hurt. We understand that you may feel confused by your circumstances, but we provide guidance during this difficult time. Our lawyers know how to investigate your case, identifying the most appropriate defense strategy and pursuing an optimal outcome.

Discover Your Defense Options

Every case is different, which is why we provide personal attention to every client who turns to our firm. By making an appointment at our Concord law office, you can learn more about the defense options available to you.

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