Is There A Protective Order Against You? We Can Help.

If a family member or a loved one is seeking a domestic violence protective order against you, we can help. At Brannen & Walker, Attorneys at Law, we know that a protective order can feel intrusive and unfair. While having a protective order against you is not a criminal offense, we can still help you defend your interests. We help individuals fight the fallout from false domestic violence accusations in Concord and Charlotte and throughout North Carolina.

A domestic violence protective order, a 50B, could threaten your access to your kids, child custody determinations, familial relationships and your personal reputation. It can accompany a criminal charge such as assault. Our protective order defense lawyers understand that your situation is unique and our goal is to help our clients understand their legal options.

Reducing The Impact Of A 50B

A parent may use a 50B as a tool to gain leverage over the other parent in a custody hearing. Family courts do not look kindly on domestic violence protective orders, but an experienced defense lawyer can help you fight back against unfair tactics and preserve your rights as a parent.

Protective orders often involve family disputes, yet our experience as criminal defense lawyers can benefit you during this complex situation. A 50B is effective for one year, and you will have to relinquish your right to carry a firearm. We can help you fight false accusations and defend you against an order that will affect your life for an extended time.

Our Goal Is To Protect Your Best Interests

It is complicated when family matters intersect with criminal defense issues, but our goal is always to protect your best interests. We strive to find practical and positive solutions for people facing domestic violence protective orders, acting as an advocate and legal ally during any hearings. We may be able to help you achieve a consent agreement that works for both parties, saving you from time spent in court.

Our law firm offers legal services in both English and Spanish. An accusation of domestic violence is a sensitive and serious issue, and you can learn more about your options through a complete evaluation of your case. Schedule yours online, or call our office located near Rotary Square, across from the Concord courthouse, at 704-594-4128.