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Penalties for possessing a precursor for a controlled substance

Facing a drug crime can be a very serious offense. While a minor possession charge might not carry with it harsh penalties, a person accused of manufacturing a controlled substance could endure long-term consequences and severe penalties. Thus, it is important to understand how one could face such a charge and what could result if a conviction occurs.

Traffic stop in Cherokee County results in drug charges

Being stopped by law enforcement is an overwhelming and frustrating experience for North Carolina motorists. While it might seem like an inconvenience, there is often a purpose for the traffic stop. However, it is important to note that not all stops are lawful. Additionally, even when a motorist stops for a traffic stop, law enforcement officers are required to follow strict protocols when it comes to their conduct with the motorist and evidence collection. This is true even when a driver fails to stop and attempts to flee police.

Helping you assert an aggressive defense against a drug charge

When individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere are accused of a crime, they are often overwhelmed by the situation, feeling helpless against the evidence the state has supposedly collected against them. With regard to drug crimes, even if a charge seems minor, it is likely that the penalties and consequences associated with it will impact the defendant's personal and professional life. Thus, it is imperative to take a stand, assert your right to a criminal defense and protect your rights.

Facing marijuana drug charges?

Marijuana is one type of drug that North Carolina is working to decriminalize. This does not mean that, if you were recently arrested -- or are in the near future -- for marijuana possession, sales or trafficking that you will not face drug charges or penalties -- if convicted. As the current laws stand, the consequences for certain marijuana-related drug crimes can still have quite an impact on your life.

Facing drug charges? We can help

No matter the severity of the charge, facing a criminal charge is a serious situation. With regard to drug crimes, an accused offender could face serious penalties, especially if they are charged with a felony. And, while it might appear like authorities have a strong case against you based on the evidence that they collected, this does not mean defendants cannot assert a strong defense. It is possible to poke holes in the state's case, providing defendants with the opportunity to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

North Carolina takes a strict stance when it comes to cocaine

People in North Carolina might associate cocaine use with wealthy people in the 1980s, and some movies and television shows have glamorized the use of the drug. However, the fact is that North Carolina has stringent laws against the possession, manufacturing and selling of cocaine in the state.

Teens on their way to beach week face drug charges after search

Graduating high school is a big accomplishment, and many teenage graduates plan elaborate celebrations for this major life milestone. However, three teenagers are facing drug charges in North Carolina after heading to beach week, following their graduation from high school. All three are 18-years-old.

Drug dealers in North Carolina are being charged with murder

Residents in North Carolina may have heard that according to some our nation is under the grip of an opioid epidemic. In 2016, North Carolina saw just under 480 deaths involving fentanyl -- approximately two times as many in 2015. And, after three people in North Carolina passed away due to an opioid overdose, including a 16-year-old girl, state prosecutors have decided to prosecute the reported drug dealers with second-degree murder, rather than the usual drug charges.

What happens if I'm caught with drugs at a festival?

Summertime provides the perfect weather for a weekend road trip to an outdoor concert. Some of the biggest artists in the world perform for thousands of people and having the chance to attend offers festival-goers a sense of freedom and community unmatched by other events. While these festivals can provide lifelong memories, no one wants it to provide a criminal conviction that carries lifelong consequences.

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